Lately I've been playing at JavascriptBattle, which is

a fun and engaging web application intended to make artificial intelligence (AI) design accessible to all. Every day, your code will be pulled down from your "hero-starter" repository on Github. Your code (along with every other user's code) will be run daily, behind the scenes, in our game engine.

Basically, you write JavaScript code for your hero in order to instruct him how to behave when for example his health drops to a certain level, or when enemies are close, etc. and then you participate in a daily battle. They have various stats, and as it turns out I'm currently on position #3 for average damage dealt, yay me!



Anyways, it's cool so feel free to check it out and take me down from the pedestal :P. If you happen to like these "hacker games" then do checkout the one I made for my university project back in the old days 1415131129_smiley-evil.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak