About me

I'm an engineer at heart and a jack of all trades kind of guy.

For those who care about titles, I hold a masters degree in computing from FER (and a black belt in karate, but that's another story...).

Previously I worked in the betting software industry and now I'm a director of engineering at TelTech, where we make innovative communications apps.

Recently, with my friend and colleague Shawn Milochik, we record a DevThink podcast, where we discuss ideas and practices that worked for us in our software development journey so far. We’re also discussing the topics that we’re currently exploring and learning about.

For a very long time, I was passionate about the Ionic framework and am still in the top answerers on StackOverflow in Ionic framework. I wrote a book about Ionic framework which you can get for free on Leanpub: Ionic framework - step by step from idea through prototyping to the app stores.

Other technical writing:

You can find out more about my other projects at http://www.nikola-breznjak.com/#portfolio, or come to the local meetup that I'm hosting called MeCoDe.

In case you want to contact me, you can use Twitter or my contact form.

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