Topcoder Scavenger Hunt

I just competed (and finished! - I'm Hitman666) a Topcoder Scavanger Hunt.


Anyways, you have the instructions on how to play on the link above. I've really missed these kind of "hacker games", like back in the days I was very active on, but that site is long down now. Anyone playing similar games today, which you can recommend? I made my own for the project on university:

The questions were quite cool (no, no answers here, you'll have to research it yourself):

  • How many 'Albert' monkeys died in the US Space program?
  • What was the original name of Nintendo's Super Mario?
  • How many female fighter pilots were there in the original Star Wars trilogy?
  • How many different combinations of coins are possible for the US dollar?
Written by Nikola Brežnjak