Microsoft HoloLens and VR in general may just be our doom

I'm all about advancement, but this just kinda starts to freak me out, fearing that we just may end up as in the movie Surrogates. But, it's so cool 🙂 - can't wait to see how will they make fighting games for it. Yeah, I'm sure pr0n industry will have it's market for it too 😉

So, I guess, it's just as with everything "groundbreaking" - shut up and take my money 🙂 But, on a more serious note - we just may wanna keep our vigilant eye open...

edit: Today (9.05.2015), on a developers conference in my hometown I tried out Oculus Rift, and  all I got to say is that I'm still feeling dizzy and sick, so yeah, this just may not be for everyone - not for me that's for sure :/.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak