Brain rules for baby – John Medina

My notes from the book Brain rules for baby by John Medina:

Babies develop an active mental life in womb. Stressed mom, stress baby. Eat right, stay fit.

Newborns remember sounds they were exposed to when they were still in the womb. 

Baby will love to eat with mother ate during pregnancy.

Larger babies are, to a point, smarter.

Mothers can boost baby brain development by proper gain weight, balanced diet, modern exercise and stress reduction.

Happy marriage, happy baby.

I'm spiteful of my husband because he gets to sleep through the night. My daughter is nine months old and she still wakes up three times a night. My husband sleeps right through and then wakes up so exhausted.

Children have never been good at listening their parents, but they have never failed to imitate them.

Mothers milk is the silver bullet. Breast-feeding makes baby smarter.

Speak to your children as much as you can.

Do not tell them they are smart! Praise the effort, not IQ!!!

Make the child understand that the mistakes occur because the lack of effort, and not from the lack of ability.

The amount of TV a child should watch before the age of two is zero. But, after the age of five it is good, but only those shows that teach them.

No T's in kids rooms! Research shows these kids scored way worse than those kids that don't have TV in their rooms.

Brain loves exercise.

Intellectual pressure (expecting too much too early stage) can actually hurt your child intellectual development.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak