How to get nested object property with pluck in Lodash

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This Lodash question was actually asked by myself:

I have an array of objects like this:

var characters = [
    { 'name': 'barney',  'age': 36, 'salary':{'amount': 10} },
    { 'name': 'fred',    'age': 40, 'salary':{'amount': 20} },
    { 'name': 'pebbles', 'age': 1,  'salary':{'amount': 30} }

I want to get the salary amounts into an array. I managed to do it by chaining two pluck functions, like this:

var salaries = _(characters)

console.log(salaries); //[10, 20, 30]

Is there a way to do this by using only one pluck? Is there a better way with some other function in lodash?

The answer, from user thefourtheye, was:

You can just give the path to be used as a string, like this

// [ 10, 20, 30 ]

Or use it directly

console.log(_.pluck(characters, 'salary.amount'));
// [ 10, 20, 30 ]

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