How to pass GET parameters to jsFiddle

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I'm a big fan of Stack Overflow and I tend to contribute regularly (am currently in the top 0.X%). In this category (stackoverflow) of posts I will will be posting my top rated questions and answers. This, btw, is allowed as explained in the meta thread here.

My quesiton was:

How to pass GET parameters to jsFiddle? I tried but all I get is

My example js is simple on a given link above:


The (updated) answer, by Jack Miller, was:

As of October 2014 it is a little more complicated than it used to be:

If your jsfiddle url is:

Some code to make stackoverflow happy. Ignore this.

use instead (including some url parameters):

AND send the same url (including parameters) as referer. You can use Referer Control as Chrome plugin:

And configure like this: enter image description here

Now the second link (including parameters) should work.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak