MEAN T-shirt graphic, presentation and video

Since I’m all into MEAN stack lately, I made a custom graphic for a MEAN T-shirt. Also, I made the presentation and a talk for hack.hands().

I’m giving the image here freely without any restrictions, yada, yada, use it whatever way you like, just don’t sue me if someone will tell you you’re a mean person :P. You can send the image to your local T-shirt makers, or you can order it from my SpreadShirt store.

The T-shirt looks like this on me:


Desktop background version can be downloaded here (Right click, Save Image As):MEAN_1_black

And a transparent PNG version ideal for a black T-shirt can be downloaded here (Right click, Save Image As):


I got a t-shirt made at a reasonable price here in Croatia at

The video of the talk in full on youtube below, and the two posts in a series of getting started on a MEAN stack are here:

Written by Nikola Brežnjak