Weblica 2015

I just came home from Weblica, the very first ever developers conference in my Međimurje county. All in all, a very good conference and I hope this is just the first one in the years to come! The entrance was free and every attendee got a T-Shirt. Since I was active with questions I got a nice tiblica with an USB instead of meat inside 🙂 as you can see on the featured image above. Below are my notes and some pictures, and a friend of mine uploaded few videos (including me using Oculus Rift) on youtube playlist.

ECMA Script 6 – the future is JavaScript

  • Presenter Ratko Ćosić, MCSD, MCSE, MCITP, …
  • JavaScript was the language of 2014
  • ES6 (Harmony) features:
    • array functions (var sq = x => x*x)
    • block level scope (by using keyword let)
    • classes
      class Shape {
          id; x; y;
          constructor (id, x, y){
              this.id = id;
              this.name (x,y);
    • inheritance (extends keyword)
    • modules (kind of a merge between CommonJS and AMD, support for import, export)
    • promisses – similar to jQuery Deffered object
    • constants
    • new regular expression functions
    • new Math functions
    • symbols
    • typed arrays
    • default parameters
    • generators
    • map objects
    • collections (let s = new Set();)
    • better support for strings with for example backticks (`), includes(), startsWith(), endsWith() functions
  • Transpilers => conversion of JS from one version to another (Traceur, 6to5, Babel, TypeScript?
  • TypeScript – superset of JS, compiles to JS (ES5)
    • Angular2 uses TypeScript!
    • short types, interfaces, generics
  • Open question: will SPA frameworks (Angular, Ember, Aurelia) be needed when we’ll have ES7???
  • Browsers will be the new OS-es!
  • picture time!:

node.js (sa sirom i vrhnjem)

  • Presenter Davor Tarandek, Tria d.o.o.
  • io.js uses the newer V8 engine than does node.js
  • asynchronity is hard to grasp
  • pm2 is awesome and it overpassed forever module
  • I actually wrote three rather extensive posts on the topic of the MEAN stack, that’s why I have so little notes from this lecture
  • picture time!:

Ember.js in practice

  • Presenter Nikola Begedin, Coder.ly
  • convention over configuration
  • ember-cli is the thing
  • allows ES6 syntax (Babel transpiler mentioned earlier)
  • uses npm and bower
  • ember is not ember-cli (is what the Ember team recommends)
  • Some cool tools they use
    • Error reporting – Sentry
    • Task tracking – Asana
    • For chat – Slack
    • Heroku, Mandrill, Stripe, Amazon S3, Cloudfront, KissMetrics, Segment, NewRelic, CodeClimate, …
  • Recommended books to start Ember – Ember CLI 101 (google for it, it’s suppose to be free ;), if not, don’t mind spending a buck or two)
  • Talking Code podcast on iTunes
  • picture time!:

Modern web using Microsoft tools

  • Presenter Miroslav Popović
  • Microsoft Studio vOld = .NET, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010
  • Change started with ASP.NET MVC
  • 2012/2013 – Interface design, new web editor, GIT
  • HTML support – full HTML5 IntelliSense, code snippets, data-* attributes
  • JS – ECMA Script 5 support, strict mode support
  • CSS – IntelliSense CSS3 validation, color selection, vendor prefixes, CSS drag/rop
  • Browser Link
  • Other stuff: CoffeeScript coloring, Mustache, Handlebars, Knockout bindings, Angular Directives, LESS and SASS preprocessors, TypeScript
  • Community Edition FREE for up to 5 devs?!
  • WebEssentials
    • open source extension for VS
  • 2012/13 VS added Node.js based tools
    • static bundling & minification, image optimization & sprite generating, JS Hint, Source maps, LESS/SASS and CSS preview, CoffeScript preview
  • Visual Studio 2015
    • new web structure
    • package managers – NuGet, npm, bower, jspm
    • client side build tools – MSBuild, Grunt, Gulp, TaskRunner Explorer
  • Visual Studio Code – doesn’t (yet) support plugins like Sublime Text for example, but that’s a TODO
  • Other cool tools: Resharper, SideWaffle, Github for VS, Chutzpah (Jasmine, Qunit, Mocha)
  • picture time!:

Effective software team collaboration

  • Presenter Zvonimir Juranko, Colombio
  • Colombio app
  • dare to disagree
  • 85% of people fear the conflict with their boss
  • The Marshmallow Challenge
  • LEAN canvas
  • be prepared to fail!
  • genchi genbutsu – try it out yourself!
  • make a MVP (minimum viable product) and build upon that
  • picture time:

Oculus Rift – virtual reality for everyone

  • Presenter Tibor Kozjak, Infenso d.o.o.
  • there are some issues to be solved still
  • price around 500$ with shipping to Croatia
  • I tested the device after the talk and I guess in my case the verdict is “it’s really not for everyone, since I’m probably feeling sick and dizzy still :O”
  • picture time!:

Hope to see you next year!

edit: A cool video made by the organisers after the conference:

Weblica 2015 from TICM on Vimeo.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak