57th SQL/DEV user group meeting about refactoring and transpilers

I attended our local Microsoft community user group meeting which was about refactoring and transpilers. It’s full proper title (on Croatian) was 57. sastanak SQL/DEV UG Čakovec-Varaždin.

This was 57th meeting in a row, and the presenter Nikola Begedin had two awesome topics (with few notes I took):

Principi i konvencije u refaktoriranju koda (Principles and conventions in code refactoring)


There are typical problems in every code with typical fixes for each of these problems. So, it’s useful to know them in order to be able to detect them early in the code and fix them before they introduce technical debt.

Few of the principles:

You should look to refactor

  • God objects
  • high churn code
  • bugs – “bugs like company”. If a bug appeared at the same function, then refactor it because it’s obviously too cumbersome and the bug will inevitably manifest itself again

Few of the recommended books:

Korištenje transpilera (using transpilers)


Transpiler is a source to source compiler. What that means is that it’s basically a tool which translates from one language to another.

Transpilers allow us to write modern JavaScript code, to work with modules, use advanced language features (await, async, arrow functions, …), etc.

Some options that we have today are:

Visual studio 2015 supports Gulp task running via Task Runner Explorer.

The point is that we don’t need these but since sooner or later more and more browsers will support these functions and you can use them already today, I don’t see any reason why not to use all the benefits that they offer.


Written by Nikola Brežnjak