Need a replacement for jQuery datatables plugin as it’s too slow

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So, my question was as follows:

I’ve been using jQuery datatables plugin for about two years now and it worked great so far. The problem occured now when I need to load about 45000 records at once (you click the button and wait for the page with the data to load) – the loading time is just too big to wait.

Here are the tests I made using Chrome web browser (the data is from it’s Network tab using ):

datatables plugin turned on:
5476 records:
24 requests ❘ 256.26KB transferred ❘ 19.80s
(onload: 19.80s, DOMContentLoaded: 18.58s)

45071 records:
34 requests ❘ 1.85MB transferred ❘ 11.1min
(onload: 11.1min, DOMContentLoaded: 11.0min)

datatables plugin turned off (the jQuery datatables initialization is comented out):
5476 records:
21 requests ❘ 255.84KB transferred ❘ 6.57s
(onload: 13.26s, DOMContentLoaded: 13.28s)

45071 records:
31 requests ❘ 1.84MB transferred ❘ 2.0min
(onload: 2.0min, DOMContentLoaded: 2.0min)

The increase in load time that datatables make is over 80% for the 45k rows, and almost 40% for the 5k rows.

So I was wondering if you guys know of any similar plugin that handles alot of rows (45000+) faster, or am I just missing the point by trying to load all 45000+ records in “one go”?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

The answer, by user Allan Jardine, was this:

From the DataTables FAQs ( ):

  • Client-side processing – DOM sourced data: ~5’000 rows. Speed options: bSortClasses
  • Client-side processing – Ajax sourced data: ~50’000 rows. Speed options: bDeferRender
  • Server-side processing: millions of rows.

If you aren’t using deferred rendering at the moment, with your 45’000 rows, I would most certainly suggest that. Failing that, for DataTables options, you might need to look at server-side processing.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak