Ionic announces Ionic Market – make money with the framework you love

Ionic publically announced Ionic Market on their blog.

On the market ( you can buy (and even sell):

  • project starters (Firebase, Parse, Heroku, etc…)
  • plugins (swipable cards, timepickers, maps, etc…)
  • themes (material design, tumblr alike, etc…)

There are even some free ones available at the moment, so you may want to check that out.

Since other markets emerged and you could have found similar items on sites like themeforrest, it comes as a nice and warm surprise that the Ionic team basically said they approve that:

We also want to help the markets that have popped up naturally, rather than compete with them.

Additionally, a statement that reimburses that is:

In addition to being able to sell your wares directly on the Ionic Market site, you can also link externally to your existing marketplace, where users can purchase your add-on on the site where you’re already selling it. This effectively makes the Ionic Market just another way to help developers find your add-on.

I bet this announcement made the authors very happy. Even more so, when they realize that Ionic Market takes no commission:

Because we wanted to encourage the creation of a vibrant ecosystem of Ionic add-ons that will mature over time, we’re not taking a cut on any sales. You can sell your add-ons directly on the Ionic Market through Stripe, so the only fees are the taxes and fees Stripe collects. Connect your Stripe account to the Market, and all funds after taxes and credit card processing fees go directly to you!

This, my dear friends, is just getting better and better with every new announcement they make!

Written by Nikola Brežnjak