Javascript regex match for string “game_1”

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My question was:

I just can't get this thing to work in javascript. So, I have a text "game_1" without the quotes and now i want to get that number out of it and I tried this:

var idText = "game_1";
re = /game_(.*?)/;
found = idText.match(re);

var ajdi = found[1];
alert( ajdi );

But it doesn't work - please point out where am I going wrong.

 The answer, by Naltharial, was:

If you're only matching a number, you may want to try


as your regular expression. That will match at least one number, which seems to be what you need. You entered a regexp that allows for 0 characters (*) and let it select the shortest possible result (?), which may be a problem (and match you 0 characters), depending on the regex engine.

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