Overworking and not sleeping is the new badge of honor which will burn you out and then kill you!

An eye opening post from Jason Lengstorf.

After a few days of too little sleep, you’re a drunken zombie. We wouldn’t go to work drunk, so why the hell do we go to work on four hours’ sleep, when we’re more impaired than if we were hammered? To make matters worse, sleeping less than six hours a night may lead to an early death.

If any of these sound familiar or if you can totally relate (like me :/), then something needs to change

Feeling Guilty About Any Time Away from Work — Even Time with Family and Friends

Frequently Working More than 40 Hours a Week

Frequently Sleeping Less than 6 Hours a Night

So, yeah, advancement is good, but not worth it in the long run in terms of sacrificing the time spend with your child, spouse, friends. I’ve read a quote somewhere that goes something like “On his deathbed no man ever wished he spent more time in the office”. I believe balance in all mayor areas of your life is key but, of course, not easily attainable.

The author goes on to say how he managed to work less time, but in turn be more productive.

I know this may sound too idealistic, but at least from time to time – why not give it a try, right?

Written by Nikola Brežnjak