Makers vs Consumers – don’t hate, donate

When was the last time you contributed to some open source project? Did you ever even click on that little star on Github? Or, when was the last time you showed support to the people who work for free on these projects that you take for granted and use daily for your (commercial) projects!?

A lot of people in the software development world started saying $hit about the makers of certain open source projects. That is really not the route you want to take as a professional, so please stop it. I really won't go any deeper than that, because if they don't understand that that's not nice/moral/right, then I see no hope for them to ever grow as persons or developers.

If you indeed find something that's lacking, instead of complaining

make a freaking meaningful pull request!

For all those who are complaining that "it's hard to keep up with all the change in the web development world with all these new tools and hundred ways of doing the same thing" I only have one thing to say:

You don't need to jump into every new framework that comes out. However, you do need to (in your chosen field) adapt, grow, or walk away. It's really not for everyone. If you're not willing to daily invest time to hone your skills as a developer then I have to conclude that you came into this field for all the wrong reasons!

Below is the awesome video on this topic by the awesome Mattias P Johansson (@mpjme). You should check out his videos, he has a really good series (presented in a fresh and fun way) about JavaScript.

All in all, dear people:

don't hate, donate!

And, dear makers, don't get discouraged, because without you these ungrateful consumers will, well, be worthlessly lost...

Written by Nikola Brežnjak