Become a speed demon

Here are my notes from the Udemy course Become a speed demon by Jonathan Levi. This may change by the time you read this post, but the course is now on a sale for $10, so you may wanna check it out if you're into 'this kind of things'.

Proper preparation is key to everything.

Time related

The checklist manifesto book

The priority Star Exercise:

Parkinson's Law - work expands to fill the time available for its completion

Efficient != Effective

15 minutes to get back in the optimal zone after distraction


Batching tasks - answer emails @ specific time

Buddhist wheel of life: career, money, health, friends and family, romance, personal growth, fun, and recreation, physical environment

Some cool tools/tips:

  • Pomodoro
  • Rescue Time
  • Scheduling meetings with an app
  • TextExpander
  • Dvorak keyboard
  • Typing numbers is faster if you actually speak them
  • Make use of Siri (or another equivalent on your phone)
  • QuickSilver app for Mac
  • Better Touch Tool
  • Sleep Cycle App
  • Bill Guard
  • Have someone do your laundry
  • TaskWonder, Workerly, Fiverr

Decision fatigue leads to ego depletion.

Too many options make us miserable.

Sorry I'm so direct, but I'm sure you're very busy.

Maker vs. Manager time

Written by Nikola Brežnjak