WAGMI - We're all gonna make it.

But, haven't we already?

I mean, think about it: if you were able to buy (any) crypto thing (coin, token, NFT, someOtherThingYourRichNeighbourToldOnlyYouAbout, ...) I'd argue you're probably already doing better than x% (where x is at least < 5, IMHO) of the people in this world. You, for sure, have a (good) internet connection and other things that (on average) inevitably come with that (food, transportation, clothes, place to stay, ...).

So, really, it should be WAMI - we already made it!

I won't go on because you're probably already thinking OK, BOOMER, so what!?

The thing is: nothing. There are literally 0 problems with that. Just one caveat: go and check all those lottery winners and see what's their long-term success rate.

This brings me to the thought of the day: I wish all of us would win a real (not proverbial) lottery (pick your poison: crypto, stocks, real estate, gambling, actual lottery, ...) so that we see what we truly are and what our character is made of.

Happy Saturday friends <3 👋

This is why I write these 'daily thoughts' posts.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak