Work rules – Laszlo Block

My notes from the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Laszlo Block, which I rated 5/5 and marked as my favorite on my Shelfari account.

Only when companies took steps to give employees more freedom did performance improved.

By offering more wages just means you get more applicants, not that you get better applicants.

Most assessment happens in the first three or four minutes of an interview, with the remaining time spent confirming that bias.

I’m in great shape, I spent $500 on my gym membership this month.

The presence of a huge training budget is not evidence that you’re investing in your people, it’s evidence you failed to hire deride people to begin with.

To Jeff Dean NP means No Problemo.

Academic performance didn’t predict job performance.

Don’t debate what’s the best background color for the ad – just run the experiment.

If you’re achieving all your goals, you’re not setting them aggressively enough.

Use meetings to ask questions, rather than dictate answers.

Deliberate practice – intentionally repetitions of similar small desks with immediate feedback, correction and experimentation. Break things down into small digestible pieces with a clear feedback and do them again and again.

It’s hard work to have be ranges were someone can make 10 times more then the other person, but it’s much harder to see your highest potential walk out of the door.

I have discovered men will risk their lives or even die for ribbons. – Napoleon

The bigger the dish, the more we eat, and the less satisfied we feel.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak