Spell or high water – Scott Meyer

My notes from a book Spell or high water by Scott Meyer, which I rated 4/5 on my Shelfari account and which I think every programmer will enjoy. Bash scripts, hidden files, root access, you’ll love it 🙂

Martin leaned forward and asked what did you do next? I thought about getting myself a bunch of money, but I thought that was probably the fastest way to get caught. Martin decided to never tell Roy how he had gotten caught.

He made an effort to listen more than he talked, which doesn’t come naturally when you seem older than everyone around you by at least 20 years.

Did that sentence made sense when you planned it in your head, or do you just open your mouth and let the words fall out however they like?!

Is killability even the word? If I use it and you know what it means, it’s a word.

Imagine if you could introduced an atheist to God. Will the atheist find religion, or would he find the reasons to disbelieve the evidence of his own eyes?

You make more mistakes because you try more things than they do.

For a smart person to argue with the dumb person they have to dumb down their logic on the fly, while the dumb person thinks in dumb logic naturally, giving them an advantage.

There’s nothing showoff hates more then a competing showoff.

The audience expects us to fool them. They don’t think the magician can really do magic. They come to be entertained by a lie.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak