WebBrowser control that can handle HTTPS

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I'm a big fan of Stack Overflow and I tend to contribute regularly (am currently in the top 0.X%). In this category (stackoverflow) of posts I will will be posting my top rated questions and answers. This, btw, is allowed as explained in the meta thread here.

My quesiton was:

I am searching for a substitute of the WebBrowser control in .NET which can handle HTTPS. This question is similar here on Stack Overflow, but none of these controls offer HTTPS.

btw, just to mention, I tried all these

GeckoFx - development stopped
Se7en - this is actually continued GeckoFx
Webkitdotnet - no one replying on forum

but none of them support HTTPS, so I'm kind of stuck here :/.

Also, to mention, WebBrowser control that comes with .NET framework works just fine with HTTPS, but the reason I can't use it is because my app uses a lot of javascript that IE refuses to render, and for example Firefox (gecko engine) or Chrome (webkit) work just fine.

So, please if someone knows a good control that can do this (can be Webkit or Gecko wrapper, it doesn't mind, as long as it's not an IE wrapper).

This one I answered myself:

After long googling I finally ended up using the same as I was using before. So Webkit fromhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/webkitdotnet and I ended up purchasing a SSL certificate for my domain and now all is fine.

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