How to use ECMAScript 6 features in Ionic framework?

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As you may know, I’m really into Ionic framework lately and am helping out on StackOverflow with the knowledge I gained so far with the framework. I’m in the top 5 All time answerers.

I answered this question by user user5148540:

I recently used the new Set data structure specification instead of an array where I didn’t wanted any repeated values to be stored and it is working without problems, but I’m wondering I want to implement some of the new features such as let, class and const.

I’m using also the crosswalk plugin in case this is relevant.

Can anyone tell me if I should avoid ES6 for the moment or if its okay to be used?

My answer was:

I actually googled about this myself earlier today and I found this tutorial:

StackOverflow encourages to not just use links as answers, so I’m just going to give my TL;DR, since this is not my own site and I don’t want to be held accountable for c/p.

Ionic uses Gulp, so install gulp-babel and gulp-plumber.

npm install --save-dev gulp-babel gulp-plumber

Add babel to gulpfile.js like so:

var babel = require("gulp-babel");
var plumber = require("gulp-plumber");

var paths = {
  es6: ['./src/es6/*.js'],
  sass: ['./scss/**/*.scss']

gulp.task('default', ['babel', 'sass']);

gulp.task("babel", function () {
  return gulp.src(paths.es6)


gulp.task('watch', function() {, ['babel']);, ['sass']);

Edit ionic.project:

"gulpStartupTasks": [

For any more details consult the original link – and with this I also say thanks to the author of that blog post as it helped me too.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak