Shutterstock doesn’t offer money back

Shutterstock doesn’t offer any money back policy if you wish to downgrade on the video size (OFC, consequently price as well) but they’re absolutely delighted to upgrade you to the more expensive option. And, they don’t have that in written form anywhere (at least so the support rep said, as you can see below in the chat). Some businesses just make me sick… Oh, and btw, in case you don’t know, we should all be putting 300+ MB files for our video backgrounds…

Francesco D: Thank you for reaching out! I’ll be glad to help…
Francesco D: Hello Nikola.
Me: Hey Francesco?
Francesco D: What seems to be the issue?
Me: Hey Francesco
Francesco D: Hi.
Me: well, it turns out I made a mistake and bought the SD instead of clearly the web version
Francesco D: Ok.
Francesco D: Do you need teh HD?
Francesco D: Let me understand.
Francesco D: You needed the web instead?
Me: yes. because, at first I thought I need the sd version
Me: but it turns out that the size is just to damn big and loading takes forever
Francesco D: Unfortunately we are unable to downgrade the purchase.
Francesco D: I understand.
Francesco D: We are unable to refund the purchase Nikola.
Francesco D: We can only help you upgrading the format.
Me: do you have that in written form somewhere?
Francesco D: No.
Me: oh, really? A big firm like yourself and you don’t have a return policy? Now that’s interesting
Francesco D: We can only refund files that are corrupted Nikola.
Francesco D: When you download a file you acquire the license and the artist gets paid immediately.
Me: And, you’re saying you don’t have that in the rules or somewhere?!?
Francesco D: We do not.
Francesco D: When you download a file you acquire the license and the artist gets paid immediately.
Francesco D: Since the file is not corrupted we are unable to refund it.
Me: and you haven’t been sued for this already? LOL
Me: ok, I don’t mean to be hostile here but, tbh, this is just not how you do stuff these days
Francesco D: No we haven’t.
Francesco D: You could have checked before making the purchase.
Me: as I said, I’m not trying to be an ass I’m just trying to save you from some customer that will have a better law background
Francesco D: I understand.
Francesco D: is there anything else I can help you with?
Francesco D: That is very kind of you Nikola.
Francesco D: if you needed to upgrade the clip we could have refunded it after you purchased the HD.
Francesco D: How are you using the clip by the way Nikola?
Me: you see but this right here strikes me as odd, as why then we can’t do it the same for downgrade. I mean, forget it, I’ll find my way, but I’ll blog about this as well, so that others don’t do the same mistake
Francesco D: I am sorry you feel that way, I would suggest you check with us before you make the purchase though Nikola.
Me: ok, I’m checking then now (sorry this is turning into a drag now). For the video clip to be used on the web, but fullscreen, what do you suggest??
Francesco D: Nikola don’t be sorry I am just here to advise you.
Francesco D: SD and web are mostly used for projects where the video won’t fill the screen.
Francesco D: HD will provide high quality and sharp definition for many video projects where quality needs to be high.
Francesco D: For full screen teh HD is what we suggest.
Me: seriously? like I mean, lol, who would wait that long for the download??
Francesco D: Taht is what we suggest Nikola.
Me: you’re seriously telling me you’re recommending your users when they need a background video that they take the 300MB monster. oh dear
Francesco D: I am seriously telling you that SD and web are mostly used for projects where the video won’t fill the screen.
Me: ok 🙂
Francesco D: Do you have any further questions?
Francesco D: Are you still there Nikola?
Me: meh, I better stop with my questions
Me: so, wish you less angry customers like me 😉
Me: have a great one
Me: bye
Francesco D: I am happy to answer your questions.
Francesco D: Have a great day too.
Francesco D: Bye now Nikola.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak