Ionic Analytics Alpha

From an official blog post, Ionic Analytics Alpha

gives you all the data you need to better understand and optimize your push notifications, deployments, and much, much more.

The go on to say that

You can chart your app’s progress, from the time of its initial release, and see which marketing strategies were most (or least) effective. You can even gain insights into your app’s demographics, allowing you to see how well your app is doing within a given population.

Some of the data this will be able to provide is:

  • How many people log into my app every day?
  • How many of those continue to use my app after a week? A month? A year?
  • With which parts of my app are users interacting the most?
  • What are users doing right now in my app?

If you were like me - thinking that this will cost some amount, here's what they say:

During the alpha period, Ionic Analytics will be 100% free. In the future, we’ll release tiered pricing based on usage and will continue to offer a free tier.

All this is indeed remarkable, as Ionic team released push support and live updates just few weeks ago. Also, for developers alike, they announced Ionic Market where you'll be able to make plugins for other users (and, I guess sell them too?). So, IMHO Ionic is building an awesome ecosystem and I bet they'll become the best hybrid platform! What is left to see is how will the actual price tiers look like.


Written by Nikola Brežnjak