Ionic 1.2 is out!

The team from Ionic announced their new 1.2 version today. This should get you very excited because the things these guys are making are truly praiseworthy.

As they say in the report:

  • it has over 100 bug fixes
  • uses native scrolling by default on all platforms (which means better responsiveness on Android especially)
  • new Slide box component (use the new <ion-slides> tag)
  • support for Windows 10 and Edge, which runs on the new Windows Phone 10 platform
  • if you want to build a mobile website, you're fully and officially encouraged to do so (not just an app for the app store). As many of you know, this was not the case so far.
  • new <ion-input> tag
  • dropping support for the raw HTML and CSS versions of Radio and Checkbox, instead you'll have to use directives <ion-radio> and <ion-checkbox>
  • better integration with Cordova plugins in terms of better console log error output
  • Ionic Native
  • ...

You can read the full report on their blog post:

Written by Nikola Brežnjak