Can’t hurt me – David Goggins

Here are my favorite quotes from the book Can’t hurt me by David Goggins.

I’ve reviewed this one on Goodreads like this:

Wow, just wow.

The book is phenomenal, and the Audible format with comments is an awesome idea.

Everybody needs to read this book and get a kick in their ass by this remarkable man’s story.

Hat down Mr. Goggings, hat down.

Maybe your limiting factor is that you grew up so supported and comfortable that you never pushed yourself?

The first step on a journey towards a callous mind is stepping outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

The reason it’s important to push hardest when you want to quit the most is because it helps you callous your mind. It’s the same reason why you have to do your best work when you are the least motivated. That’s why I loved PT in BUD/S and why I still love it today. Physical challenges strengthen my mind, so I’m ready for whatever life throws at me, and it will do the same for you.

You have to put work behind everything in life for it to change for the better.

You wanna get to the point in your life where everything that you should have done and you didn’t do – it bothers you.

There is no shame in being knocked down. The shame comes when you throw in the mother fucking towel.

Only when you identify and accept your weaknesses, when you finally stop running from your past – then those incidents can be used more efficiently as fuel to become better and grow stronger.

Those that know don’t speak. And those who speak, well, they don’t know jack shit.

The average person thinks 2000-3000 thoughts per hour. Rather than focusing on bullshit, you can not change, imagine visualizing the things you can.

If you don’t account for the ‘might happen’, when it does happen you won’t know what to do.

Start to, really, use your mind – it’s the most powerful weapon in the world.

If everyone starts pushing a little harder, doing a little bit more for themselves and others – what would happen?

By now I’m sure you can tell that it doesn’t take much for me to be obsessed. Some criticize my level of passion, but I’m not down with prevailing mentalities that tend to dominate our society these days. The ones that tell us to go with the flow or invite us to learn how to get more with less effort. Fuck that shortcut bullshit! The reason I embrace my own obsessions and demand to desire more of myself is because I’ve learned that only when I push beyond pain and suffering, passed my perceived limitations that I’m capable of accomplishing more physically and mentally in endurance races but also in life as a whole.

Always be willing to embrace ignorance and become the dumb fuck in the classroom again. Because that’s the only way to expand the body of knowledge and body of work. It’s the only way to expand your mind.

Greatness is not something that if you meet it once it stays with you forever.

It’s not the external voice that will break you down. It’s what you tell yourself that matters. The most important conversations that you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.

We need to shoot for more than what we even thought was possible. We have to go into a point in our lives where there is no finish line, there is no end, and to find true pride in what you’ve done on this Earth.

Written by Nikola Brežnjak